Curatorial+Co. Art Consultancy is pleased to announce a ground-breaking initiative to celebrate and illuminate Aboriginal history at Arthur Phillip High School in Parramatta, Sydney. Two significant murals created by Dharug artists Chris and Leanne Tobin vividly capture the historical meeting between Governor Arthur Phillip and the Barramadagal.

The Tobin siblings are direct descendants of Maria Lock, the first Aboriginal child to enrol in the Parramatta Native Institute, a school set up for Aboriginal children under Governor Macquarie. Her father, Yarramundi, from the neighbouring Boorooberongal clan, is recorded meeting amicably with Governor Phillip on his early excursions into the freshwater clan Countries of the Dharug in 1791. Says Chris Tobin: “We are aware of the large mix of cultural backgrounds that now make up Arthur Phillip High School and wanted to celebrate the inclusive culture that the school is striving for today.”

Curatorial+Co. is honoured to deliver such a meaningful project that contributes to a deeper understanding of our shared history. These murals will undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration and knowledge for generations to come. The Arthur Phillip High School community views the two murals as a significant step towards recognising and celebrating the rich Aboriginal cultural heritage that has shaped Australia. They bring together students, educators, artists, and the wider community in celebration of a more inclusive narrative.

PROJECT: Arthur Phillip High School Murals
CLIENT: NSW Department of Education
ARTIST: Chris Tobin + Leanne Tobin
INSTALLATION: Jason Wing + Madison Gibbs
PHOTOS: Robert McGrath